Goddess Healing Meditation

Goddess Healing Meditation


The Goddess Healing Meditation

This meditation can be performed by anyone who needs healing. It works because it connects those who perform it with the Goddess, who has been known throughout history by countless civilizations, as the deity who responds most quickly to those who ask for help.

Before performing this meditation, it should be understood that the Goddess is accessible to everyone already, at all times, and that nobody can claim the position of intermediary between you and Her. She is as close to you as your own heart, and it is through this closeness that already exists, that she hears and responds to those who call on her.

Why then, are we presenting this specific meditation?

This meditation comes from a lineage of Goddess worship which is very old, and whose many followers have devoted their lives to serving Her and Her Children.

The most important part of following her, in this lineage, is the development of her attitude of Perfect Love towards all beings. And so the initiates of this lineage invoke her and pray to her continually for whoever suffers.

This meditation can be thought of as the fruition of these prayers, and as a response from the Goddess herself– a special means of contacting her for Healing, that is the result of many lifetimes of devotion and prayers, from many dedicated practitioners.




How to Perform the Meditation

The best time to perform this meditation is on the Full Moon or New Moon, at Midnight. (If it’s an emergency, you can pray anytime, but it’s better to wait until night-fall.)

You should make sure you won’t be interrupted, and you should treat this as a special occasion. So if you want to buy flowers, light a candle, or dress-up for the occasion, please do. These things are not requirements, but they are a good way of showing your sincerity and earnestness in asking for help. You don’t need to do these things, but if you feel moved to do them, then you should.

Once you’re ready to perform the meditation, sit down and make yourself comfortable, then begin visualizing the High Priestess Tarot card, as pictured at the top of the page.

It is good to make the visualization as clear as possible.

In order to do this, it can be helpful to involve the sense of touch, of hearing, of smell, etc.

So as you see the High Priestess Tarot card in front of you, you can also feel that this image of the Goddess is radiating light towards you. Feel this light on your skin. Feel it radiate through your body, clearing blockages, smoothing out your bodily energy, and aligning you with your higher-self.

Know that this light is the overflowing of Love and Compassion of the Goddess towards you.

If you want, you can also hear the sound of an immense Ocean of Light just behind her; its presence is soothing, calming, and healing.

You should make this experience as real as possible for yourself! This is so that you come to know and trust that She is there with you, as aware of you as you are of Her, and listening to you intently.

Once you feel that she is listening, simply talk to her as you would talk to a very close friend; tell her your troubles and pains, and ask for her help.

Stay with her as long as you like, and when it seems that the meditation has come to an end, you can conclude by offering your thanks.

Addition Thoughts…

Many miraculous things have been reported over the years by those who have used this meditation. Not only does the Goddess heal beings in the relative sense where we encounter common physical, mental and emotional illnesses–she also responds to beings on the very deepest level of who they are, leading them back to their innate and natural state of Love for All Beings and Trust in the Universe. This type of Trust in the Universe includes all experiences— even experiences like heartbreak, sickness, and death.

For one who has come to know the Goddess closely, even things like sickness and death become reasons for rejoicing, as they have the power to help us Remember what we have forgotten, and to return us to the most essential part of ourselves, which is as ancient as the night sky— as old as the Universe itself. To learn more about this point of view, you can read this public talk given by an Initiate and Teacher of our lineage, entitled, Be Yourself.

Also, if you find the image of the High Priestess Tarot card is too complex, you can visualize the Full Moon, using all the guidelines for visualization given above.


We do not respond to individual healing requests. However, if you want to contact us to share your experience with the
meditation: isis.urania.meditation@gmail.com

If you’ve had success with this meditation, please share it with those who are open to this sort of thing. You can also print a copy of the poster and post it in a public place.

Goddess Healing Meditation

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